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Writing Sites I Frequent
Absolute Write
A terrific source for writing - no matter what the genre

Absolute Write Message Board
Chat with other writers, find job listings and more

Constant Content
An easy way to get your work out there

Craigs List
Check for writing assignments near you

Freelance Daily
Markets in your inbox Monday thru Friday

Freelance Success
This is where the professionals hang out

Freelance Writing
Updated almost daily, with job listings, articles and reports on writing

Funds for Writers
3 different newsletters, and a phenomenonal page of links

The most up to date and complete listings for Speculative Fiction

Writer's Digest Writer's Market
For $3.99 a month, more than 2000 markets for your writing

Write Success
A wonderful resource for Writing of any type

Freelance Warriors
Search and bid on Freelance Assignments here

Writers Hub
More Freelancing job posts
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